This section is just a place where I like to list all the fanlisting that I would LOVE to run I believe that the current owners are doing an amazing job and I do hope nothing wrong happens that causes the fanlistings to go up for adoption. However, if such events should happen, I would be so so happy if I became approved to run one of the fanlisting.

1. Final Fantasy VI: Terra Branford
My favourite female character. There is no one that can stand in her place. She has a story like no other. She seems like she is weak. However, she turns around and is one of the strongest characters. I love who she is, what she is. I love the storyline she goes through and everything. To run her fanlisting would be great. It would go along with my shrine and give me a chance to actually show the dedication that she deserves.

2. Legend of Zelda (Series):
OK! The first game that I started playing. I just love what it is, what the plot is about, what you do in it. I love the characters. This is the only series that I make sure to have all the games for. I even go out and buy a new system when one of the games a newly release. It would mean everything to me to own the fanlisting. It would actually prove how addicted I am to this series. It would prove how much I love the series.