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About this fanlisting

This fanlisting is dedicated to the Ocarina of Time OST. Ocarina of Time has such magical melodies that many people know by heart or have fell in love with when playing the game. I have quite few that are my top favorite to listen on repeat. These songs hold a special place in my heart just as this game does. Below is a list of the songs that are mention throughout the game. The ones with a * beside them are my top favorites.

1. Title Theme
2. Deku Tree
3. Fairy Flying
4. House
5. Kokiri Forest
6. Shop
7. Battle
8. Inside the Deku Tree
9. Boss Battle
10. Hyrule Field Main Theme
11. Market
12. Hyrule Castle Courtyard
13. Ocarina Songs
14. Ocarina of Time *
15. LonLon Ranch
16. Kakariko Village
17. Lost Woods
18. Zora's Domain
19. Great Fairy's Fountain
20. Temple of Time
21. Chamber of the Sages
22. Horse Race
23. Kakariko Village Orchestra
24. Windmill Hut
25. Gerudo Valley
26. Ganondorf Battle
27. Last Battle
28. Zelda's Lullaby *
29. Staff Credits Theme
30. Minuet of Forest *
31. Bolero of Fire
32. Serenade of Water *
33. Nocturne of Shadow
34. Prelude of Light
35. Requiem of Spirit

If you would like to listen to any of these songs, Zelda Dungeon has the whole list. This is the United States version and not the Japanese version. If you would like to buy the CD, I am sure there are many locations such as Amazon as an example.