About this fanlisting

This fanlisting is dedicated to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Manga.

The manga book was released in Japan in 1998 and created by Akira Himekawa. The English versions of Volumes 1 and 2 were released on October 7, 2008 and December 2, 2008, respectively. This book is an adaptation of the video game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Within the manga there are two parts: the Child Saga and the Adult Saga.

Link, the protagonist is on an adventure to stop Ganondorf from taking over Hyrule. Princess Zelda is in the manga version quite more and helps Link on his quest. The book follows the same plot as the game to some extent. However, there are some plot changes for it to adapt to a manga version There are ten chapters in the first book, and five in the second.

The Child Saga/ First Book:
The Great Deku Tree Incident
Link's Journey Begins
The Mystery of the Triforce
The Search for the Spiritual Stone of Fire
Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly
The Hero of Time is Born
Sword of Legend: The Master Sword
The Sage of the Forest :Saria
An Old and Beloved Friend
Link Vs. Link

The Adult Saga/ Second Book:
Shadow Guide:Sheik
The Haunted Wasteland
A Fated Reunion
Ganondorf Defeated!
A New Journey Begins

You can read the full manga at Zelda Infinite's Website.